Glenn Harrison spent many years working in the carpentry trade, until he hurt
his back and began a new career working for a large metal building manufacturer.  
Over time, Glenn began to realize that the larger companies made too many
mistakes due to their layers of staffing and break down of communications, so he
decided he would start his own business and keep it small enough to service his
customers without the errors and confusion.
   In 1998, Glenn started Metal Masters with a focus on serving his customers at a
fair price and with custom solutions. His business model was successful.  He
gained new customers through great word of mouth recommendations and he
retained his old customers by providing them with excellent service and products.
   In 2007, Glenn welcomed his daughter, Noel, and her husband, Matt
Anderson, into the company to help him better manage the growth.
   The company continues to operate following Glenn's original principle of
working directly with
customers, solving their needs, and delivering a
quality product at a fair price.
   The company serves south and central Mississippi by providing
"turnkey" metal buildings and building material packages and components
from its office/manufacturing location in Laurel.